Anonymous: -_____- I have a penis. You like pussy. My life is ruined, my queen is queer. The oracle lied to me. CURSE YOU ZEUSSSSS!

hahahaha Well actually friend I don’t have a gender preference, but I’m afraid I have no interest in anonymous internet beings.

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Anonymous: Queer Artist?

I’m gay, I’m an artist. 

9:03 pm  •  22 April 2014
9:02 pm  •  22 April 2014
Anonymous: Hope you're stealing a shitton from UO or ripping them off in other ways because their owners are horrible people and donate a lot of their money to homophobic politicians!

I agree with you that Urban Outfitters is a really fucked up and shady business. As a queer artist I personally don’t support what the company has done/still does. For the time being however, it’s what’s paying my bills and feeding me, and the wonderful people I work with in no way represent the greedy assholes who run it.
Also, for someone who feels so strongly I don’t understand why you would ask anonymously. <3

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